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SRUB - Chthon' CD

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Brands Infinite Fog Productions
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СРУБ - Хтонь
Release of 2017.

CD in jewel-case.

Mix of Occult Rock, Post Punk, Dark Folk and New Wave.

The forest is full of mysteries. There are a lot of black trails and unseen night creatures. If they bring you to the foggy meadow, know that the guard has saved. Or you'll  be buried in a thicket and never return to the house.  And there, at the end of the path, there is a laughing silence, placing spider webs. He's waiting for you. Chthonic.

Surprisingly, SRUBs mix European post-punk with the spirit of a dark forest, rhythmic shamanism with a meditative occultism, the uncertainty of the future with the sincerity of children's fears. SRUB already irretrievably led secret paths into the wild thickets most fans chthonic and unknown. SRUB is one of the leading groups of modern post-punk, the shadows of long-forgotten beliefs come to life in their songs, melodies burst into the very soul, and the live energy of their concerts makes even Death itself dance, which has already been verified many times. Coming "Sunrise", and let it be revealed to us.

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