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SHOCKCITY / GREY WOLVES - Blood & Sand (Relaunched Stereo Mix) CD

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Brands Old Europa Cafe
Product Code: OECD 331
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Release of June 2023.
Comes as digipak, limited edition of 300 copies.

SHOCKCITY / GREY WOLVES collaboration originally released as a limited tape edition in 1990 on both STRENGTH THROUGH AWARNESS (Grey Wolves own label) and OLD EUROPA CAFE labels.

Here comes for the first time a completely re-mixed STEREO version of the original tape release curated by "Mel H / Head in a Haunted Hat"
Two long tracks bringing back memories to what the Gulf War was like: burning oil wells, helicopters, long lines of burning vehicles, masks to protect from smoke and sand, air bombings, operation desert storm.... BLOOD & SAND!

Digipak cover devoted to the Gulf War.

Sound samples:
Gulf Breeze - Extract 1

Desert Storm - Extract 2

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