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SELVANS - Lupercalia 2LP

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Brands Avantgarde Music
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Release of December 2021.

Black vinyl, limited to 300 copies.
Originally released in 2015 as CD.

'Lupercalia' is the first Selvans full length album after their debut mini-cd 'Clangores Plenilunio'.
Six tracks, over 60 minutes of music again marked by their unique way to mix keyboard-led symphonic black metal with (many) elements of traditional Italian folk but keeping the overall sound very angry, furious and not happy at all...
After spending most of 2015 on the road promoting the newly-formed band and the mini CD, Selvans is now ready to face up the public with a fundamental release, that is their debut full length album.
On this album we witness Selvans orchestrations dwelling in 8-to-17 minutes long opuses with no moments of boredom or climax failures: You just can't help being raptured by the wolves of Italy... - Avantgarde Music

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