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ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI - Sogni, Visioni E Premonizioni CD

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Brands Corvus Records
Product Code: CRVS023
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Release of 2021

The fifth studio album from Italy's Rose Rovine E Amanti, titled "Sogni, Visioni E Premonizioni" (Dreams, Visions and Premonitions), features 12 new songs that blend epic romanticism with neofolk, power rock and medieval influences in the group's own unique style. Deeply inspired by Vladimir Soloviev's short-story "Tale Of The Antichrist" (1900), and others' mystical visions, it is the band's most apocalyptic album to date.

Features guest appearances from Andrew King (ex-Sol Invictus), Arthur Rosar (Abigor), and Angelina Sapareska (Angelie). Comes in a digipak with a special lyric booklet, with notes for each song.

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Tags neofolk