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RÉGIMENT - On Les Aura! CD

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Release of 2015.
CD in jewel-case.

In all that crowd of cold and hungry men, waiting wearily for a violent death, not a voice was heard; they were mute, and in sombre thoughtfulness listened to the horrible imprecations of the gale.
(Joseph Conrad, 1897)

Debut album from REIGMENT - a band formed by members of AORLHAC, BORGIA, HANTERNOZ and WORMFOOD. Militant Black / Death metal.

Regiment can probably count as one powerful weapon to bomb Europe. Rapid-fire drumming meets thrashy and melodic riffing enhanced by stabbing bass and chilling vocals. This short album featuring a literature concept about 1914-1918 war in France, is all about black-death and brutality. Features members of WORMFOOD / LUGNASAD / ANUS MUNDI / HANTERNOZ / AORLHAC / PESTE NOIRE / BORGIA.

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