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PALE ROSES - The Rutted Road CD

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Release of 2012.
Digipak CD, lim.300

"The Rutted Road" is the third album by French Neofolk band Pale Roses, following "Fear Of Dawn" (The Eastern Front) and "Unveiled" (Rage in Eden). Basically, the music remains the same: pastoral guitar arpeggios, melodic bass lines, some piano, but with more percussion and sound effects than in the first two albums. The lyrics are a tribute to some historical places (Bedlam and Tyburn), to a few favourite authors (Ambrose Bierce, Robert Holdstock, WH Hodgson, ST Coleridge) and to pagan beliefs and various elements of folklore. Brilliant songwriting in the style of Spirogyra, Pearls Before Swine or Current 93.

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