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Brands Zoharum
Product Code: ZOHAR 195-2
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Release of 2020.

For those following the publishing activities of Zoharum Records for a while now, Natt became known as a co-creator of the project DREN, which led to creation and release of the album ‘time & form’ in 2019.
The album was well-received by the audience seeking more off-beat and unique sounds and got good reviews in the press.
Recently issued EP ‘A Better Place’ contains merely four compositions: a coherent whole, an unusual story closed in just around 20 minutes. We’re still dealing here with electronic music, pulsating, still leaning towards darkness, but this time making more space for melodic tunes and nuances – that’s how each piece is built and arranged. ‘A Better Place’ is a promise of something bigger, which served piece by piece, will allow the audience to get to know Natt’s creative work and its characteristics better.

CD EP released in a fixed amount of 100, hand-numbered CDs, packed in a metal box with few collectibles.

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