FERNDAL - Singularitäten CD


FLYKT - Charnel Heart CD


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Brands Old Captain
Product Code: OCCD17
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Release of 2016, comes as digipak, limited edition of 200 copies.

Old Captain's owner, Olegh Kolyada, fights the sea and presents his Lost Generation victory in defeat. "Heterodox" is a dark ambient album born of the sound and the fury with heroes lonely and mad. A sparse, straightforward yet emotionally vigorous record with its own interior monologue, a discourse to be a silent interlocutor to. Restraining the interior the musician offers the nature symbolism via modular synthesizers and analogue junk approach to scatter one's ego worldwide for good. Full of elemental primitiveness the heretic in his destructive folly challenges to claim a nihilistic vision of reality to engage the listener into an ever-present absurd. A co-prod of Old Captain and Gradual Hate Records. Headphones listening only.

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