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DOR - Something Without Name CDR

DOR - Life in Russhausen CDR

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Brands Ufa Muzak
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8 tracks, 45 minutes, CDr, 8-page cardboard booklet, lim.120.
Power Electronics
Released 2011

Boundless distance of dark areas, corridors, side streets, bottomless niches. Catacombs of endless labyrinth, suppressing with monumentality of its cruelty. Everyone who is here feels horrifying despair, because this territory is not somewhere outside, it is inside of people. Those who are entrapped, beaten and humiliated. Who lives in a country where treachery and violence has become the basis, where all human rights are defied, and there's only one freedom left: survival and slave submission. The project of harsh analogue anti-music in Power Electronics style, presents its requiem suite of the basics of people's structure resulted in a formula: "Hate your neighbour as yourself". Eight tracks of manic depressive convilsions. Sick therapy session either going to cure you, or plunge deeper in the abyss of the vicious circle. To all born in the period of new distemper. Russia is an ordeal.

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