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BELTEZ - Exiled, Punished... Rejected LP

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Brands Avantgarde Music
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Release of April 2, 2021.

Re-release of 2017 album. Grey / black "galaxy" vinyl. Full colors printed jacket and innersleeve.

Concise melodies, sinister vocals and harsh tones as usual - these are just three things one has to expect on the new studio album of Beltez. Hailing from Germanys Rhineland area, the Band intensively explored the topic of death four years ago on their previous record "Tod, Part 1". Now they developed this concept further following Wayne Barlowes novel "God's Demon".
With ,,Exiled, Punished...Rejected" they took up Barlowes atmosphere, which death, intrigues and dying akin to classical literature and ancient Greek mythologies and managed to form it into a musical epic. - Avantgarde Music

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