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ARBEIT - Zum einem neuen Licht CD

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Release of 2007, comes as digipak.

From France comes the one-man project of the elusive Greg L. known as Arbeit! While obviously working in the genres of neo-folk and neo-classical, Arbeit could just as well loose the “neo” and be mistaken for compositions from 200 years past.

Some tracks offer achingly beautiful piano paired with haunting strings and the only give away that this is a 21st century offering are the occasional WWII samples and martial drumming. Others tend to be more industrial tinged, but still retaining the advanced musicianship of a classically trained composer. While sometimes an uplifting call to arms, the songs always retain a certain sadness…as I’m sure the war itself of the time period this album takes you back to, this is what must be done.

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