AHNENKULT - Als Das Licht Verging CD


ALCHOLATOR - Escape From Reality LP

AILS - The Unraveling LP

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Brands Throne Records
Product Code: TR81
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2018 release
Black LP, lim.300
Black Metal, Doom Metal, Melodic Death Metal

• 350gr. sleeve
• Lyrics insert

Debut Album.

"Ails beautifully synthesizes melancholy melodic death metal, stately doom, and atmospheric black metal, teasing every iota of intensity from each individual note and capitalizing on Shanaman's vocal might to hammer it all home—an effect that's further magnified whenever Cather joins her on the mic in deadly, elegant concord. The riffs here are knotty, often looped together in tight harmony, and supremely melodic, colored by a dark, sooty gloom that recalls Ludicra's paeans to urban blight. The overall effect leaves a listening wanting more (especially when Shanaman lets loose her harsh, rippling, primordial wail—how I've missed it!)."

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