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WARTHRONE - Crown Of The Apocalypse CD

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Brands Ghost Storm Records
Product Code: GSR 003
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Released July 4, 2019

“Crown Of The Apocalypse is an explosive experience that manages to be both rampantly vicious and memorably atmospheric. Anchored by a savage attack of thundering bass and drums, the song delivers a storm of raking, swarming, and pulsing riffs, matched by a cadre of barbarous vocals that includes scalding shrieks, wolfish howls, and tyrannical roars.."
(No Clean Singing)

Epic Symphonic blackened death metal for fans of Old Man's Child, early Dimmu Borgir, early Cradle of Filth, Marduk, Setherial.
Featuring Sarah Jezebel Deva on backing vocals, and other guest appearances by members of Dying Fetus, GWAR, Nader Sadek, Witch-hunt and Cystic Dysentary!

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