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WACH - Experimentum Solaris CD

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Brands Old Europa Cafe
Product Code: OECD 128
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Release of 2010, limited to 100 copies.

WACH are back with their 3rd full-length album EXPERIMENTUM SOLARIS, an epic journey through eerie soundscapes, doomy drones and oppressive isolation.
Following the long forgotten tale about Solaris, wandering at the limit of your conscious state, from the origin to the apocalypse.
This is definitely an album that you can throw on and get completely lost in for 55 minutes.
Eleven Songs - One Seamless Experience

"The techniques and elements used to articulate an apocalyptic scenario could be anticipated these days, fortunately Wach approached slighty different and picked different parts from the dark ambient genre and some additional portion from Post industrials opening the way to be not merely rhetoric and predictable like most bands in the genre but severely eloquent in painting the darkness with sound and style. Sophisticatedly constructed organic drones will conform the nuclear system for the structuring of the general sound and main element of the atmospheric texture from the whole album, the drones vary from incandescent like textures to windy sections and tectonic tremors, all this conforming a whole arsenal of options that continuously mutates its form"
(excerpt from Heathen Harvest about WACH)

NB : this is a real factory pressed CD

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