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VVILDERNESS - Dark Waters LP (half/half)

VVILDERNESS - Dark Waters LP (black)

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Brands Beverina & Casus Belli Musica
Product Code: BP 114 / CBM 074LP (black)
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Limited edition of 100 copies, comes as BLACK vinyl.

"The leading melody (a.k.a. Székely Anthem) in 'Havasok / Snowy Mountains' was composed by Kálmán Mihalik in 1921. He was a Székely physician and composer, died of typhus age 26. The song was banned for decades. It was officially declared as Székely National Anthem in 2009. I took inspiration from it in honor of my Székely ancestry.
The lyrics of the song are about the 1764 massacre in Mádéfalva, ordered by Maria Theresa Queen of Austria and Hungary. Based upon Székely folk ballads.

I wrote 'Mist Pillars' in 2014, re-recorded in 2019."
- vvildr (Ferenc Kapiller)

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