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Release of 2011.

"Diva Ruzha" recorded at Viter studio, Ukraine, 2010. Mixed and mastered in dB Recordings, Slovenia, 2011.
"Ai Vis Lo Lop" and "Migla, Migla, Rasa, Rasa" recorded at Max 220 studio, mixed and mastered in Ukraine, 2010-2011.
"Vänner Och Fränder" recorded, mixed and mastered at Viter studio, Ukraine, 2010-2011.
"Chycheri" recorded, mixed and mastered at Viter studio, Ukraine, 2011.

This is a limited edition of 500 CD in digipak and with 8 page booklet.

All songs on current CD have traditional roots but they will appear in completely different form. Songs were performed in four languages – Ukrainian, Swedish, Latvian and old French. Music for “Migla, Migla, Rasa, Rasa” was written by SKYFORGER, lyrics – traditional.

This album is quite experimental in many ways. The main conceptual point of the current work was an attempt to integrate such things as Carpathian folklore with a Swedish native song, to perform European traditional music by means of medieval instruments with appropriate arrangement; and at last to present an unexpected sounding of all these compositions.

The work over the album was performed in three recording studios during Autumn 2010 – Winter 2011.

None of the keyboards and samples were used in the recording process – dozens of various traditional and medieval instruments (precisely - 35) were recorded live. Their complete list will be mentioned in the CD booklet as well as the information concerning their appearance in the songs.

Unique handmade instruments made by VITER members – Heracleum horns were used in a title song. They are 3 meters long thus 3 times wider then common Ukrainian Trembita.

Professional artist Yuriy Koval, known for his portrait artworks for the first two KRODA albums worked over the album cover.

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