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TUNNELS OF ĀH - The Charnel Working + The Klesha File CD

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Brands Zoharum
Product Code: ZOHAR 319-2
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Release date April 4, 2024.
Comes as CD in 6-pannel ecopak.

TUNNELS OF AH. The famous EP "The Charnel Working" will be available on CD for the first time. Now expanded with additional, previously unpublished material from the "Klesha File" session. There are 10 compositions here, almost 70 minutes of ritual music, typical of the British artist's work.The dense atmosphere accompanying "The Charnel Working" is best described by a quote used by Stephen Ah Burroughs to describe the digital version, which leaves no doubt:
"My charming ornaments are made from garlands of human skulls." says the Kāpālika, "I dwell in the cremation ground and eat my food from a human skull. I view the world alternately as separate from God (Īśvara) and one with Him, through the eyes that are made clear with the ointment of yoga... We offer oblations of human flesh mixed with brains, entrails and marrow. We break our fast by drinking liquor from the skull of a Brahmin. At that time the god Mahābhairava should be worshipped with offerings of awe-inspiring human sacrifices from whose severed throats blood flows in currents".

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