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TRIUNITY (Oprich / Piarevaracien / Chur) CD

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Brands Casus Belli Musica
Product Code: CBM 010CD
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"Triunity" is a conceptual split-album of three Slavonic groups: OPRICH (Russia), PIAREVARACIEN (Belarus) and CHUR (Ukraine). The project "Triunity" is to express historical solidarity of our Slavonic nations and their kinship of cultural roots, and, at the same time, underline the unique features of each nation's heritage. The album is released by Casus Belli Musica (Russia) as a limited edition hand-numbered collection CD.
The project’s main idea is the idea of Slavonic Unity of Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian people. As the historical fates decree, we found ourselves being separated by borders, but at the same time bound by strong ties of our kinship, unity of cultural roots, bonds of common victories and defeats which, sometimes, are stronger than consanguinity.
The participants of "Triunity" are far from being newcomers in music, and are rather big names not only in their Homeland, but also among connoisseurs of Slavonic pagan/folk metal in Europe, North and South Americas, and as well as in Japan.
The art studio Kogaion Art (Romania) was involved for creation of the album’s visual art. Magnificent drawings of Alexander Moga allowed emphasizing ideas and the images in "Triunity" music more deeply, and provided the project with the conceptual completeness.

16-page color booklet, matte laminated digipak, hand-numbered, pit-art CD.

Released 2012

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