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THAKANDAR - Sterbende Erde CD

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Melodic Black metal, comes as digipack.
Released October 20, 2017

"Sterbende Erde" is the debut album of the band Thakandar. After releasing the first demo in 2009 and an EP in 2011, the five musicians have now spent a lot of time composing a complete album with selected songs and a dense atmosphere. It was particularly important to ensure that the songs complement each other and give a round overall picture.
Recorded, mixed and mastered in November 2016 at Klangschmiede Studio E under the direction of Black Metal mastermind Markus Stock (Empyrium, The Vision Bleak, Sun of the Sleepless), the album will be released on 20.10.2017 under the label Unit productions issued.
In addition to the members of the band, several guest musicians were involved in the recording. So is the only English title "Signal of Sorrow" to hear a cello recorded in the band's rehearsal room, played by Lestaya (Ferndal). In addition, both in o.g. Piece, as well as in the title "Sterbende Erde" to hear the voice of Ricarda Krabbemeyer, which also in the "Todesmarsch II: Verbannung" has recorded the piano. Also, in the titles "Sterbende Erde", "In der Asche der Alten" and "Todesmarsch II: Verbannung" you can hear keyboard parts from Alboin (Eïs, Ferndal).
For the lyrics, a special concept has been developed, which runs through all titles as a red path: In a post-apocalyptic world, the last scattered remnants of human civilization are struggling to survive. It gradually becomes clear to the listener that people have to answer for their own failure and that after each new beginning the renewal is brought about by decadence, waste and greed.
Packed in the guise of melodic Black Metal, which should please not only die-hard fans of the genre, but also newcomers.

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