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TEMPLE OF TIERMES - Gandharva Constellation CD

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Brands Freak Animal Records
Product Code: IR-TOT
Availability: 1

2020 re-release of 1998 tape.

Limited edition of 300 copies, housed in a 6-panel digipak.
Tracks 1-5 formerly released as a cassette, track 6 previously unreleased.

Industrial Recollections presents definite release of piece of obscure Finnish ritual-noise history. Back in 1995, Jarkko Toivonen (of cult black-doom band Unholy) and Mikko A (Grunt) was living in same city, and collaborated with session of difficult and painful experimental recordings. At first some of these very first recordings of TEMPLE OF TIERMES was privately distributed. Home dubbed tapes without covers, given to handful of people. In late 90's half of the material was issued as tape limited to 28 copies. Finally 25 years after original recording sessions, long lost original master tape was discovered, with full recording session and Industrial Recollections makes it available for the first time. Roaring noise, eccentric guitar works, human skull percussions and piercing feedback all blend into unique mix of experiments of two different kind of artists.

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