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T_ERROR 404 - New Game, Old Rules CD

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Brands Steinklang Industries
Product Code: SK151
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Release of April 11, 2022

Limited edition of 100 copies, comes as 6-panels digipak, CD with pit-art.

For T_Error 404, this album is indeed the case of a new game and old rules. Already for over 15 years, the project from Moscow has been releasing albums mostly in the fields of hard techno, EBM and rhythmic noise – but now the one-man act turns to nasty, grimy old school industrial noise. The style may have changed, but the lack of compromise and aggressiveness remains the same.

Born out of a mutual desire between T_Error 404 and Steinklang to release something together, New Game, Old Rules sees the project draw inspiration from old violent, nasty old school power electronics – a better fit to the label’s catalogue than techno or EBM, for sure! Grimy, hauntingly atmospheric and menacing, with this album T_Error 404 show they have a deep insight of ithis style of industrial music as well.

With abrasive, nasty layers of distorted synths, rusty percussion and ominous speech samples, New Game, Old Rules harks back to the early albums of Genocide Organ and the likes. This is pure power electronics and old school industrial: focused, structured and controlled, with very little in terms of harsh noise cacophony.

T_Error 404 prove to be masters at this new game as well.

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