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SRUB - Shadow CD

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Brands Infinite Fog Productions
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СРУБ - Тень
Release of 2015.

CD in jewel-case.

Mix of Occult Rock, Post Punk, Dark Folk and New Wave.

Second part of occult trilogy "Swale. Shadow. Fog." from Siberian Dark Folk/Post Punk band. After their highly acclaimed debut album and very successful tour, band became one of the greatest music discovering in Russian rock music for last 10 years at least. 

Srub have delved deeper into their style of punk-influenced psychedelic neofolk and created a self- described “post-industrial  chthonic music.” Using acoustic and electronic instruments, found sounds and an extensive tribal rhythm section, Srub have put it all out on the table and left us with their magnum opus.

… It grows out of the night the day. Greedy sun disturb the dead grass. Scattered melted ravines silhouettes languishing tree. Hungry Beast is awakened from his sleep. Fragile ice will no longer be dear to the house. On the bridge, through the spirit of the dawn shadows. And closer Fog ...

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