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SALNA - Krampus Nakts CD

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Brands Metalkalve
Product Code: Metalkalve 003
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Release of 2020.
Limited edition of 200 copies, comes as 6-pannel digipak.

Debut album from "one man home project".
As you may guessed it translate as "Krampus night".
And all lyrics are based on this fairy tales.

About concept:
Snowy night in Alps. Hungry beast is awakening.
In his search to quench his hunger, he moved to the closest village.
Where people are dancing, singing, drinking ale and have a good time.
Unfortunately, Krampus surprised them unprepared.
After all bloody massacre, there was only one man who left alive.
So, all this story are based from his point of view.
Unfortunately nobody believed him, because he became mad after all he saw.
So, once in a year Krampus returns and quench his hunger over and over again..
Emptying another village.
The end.

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