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Brands KultFront
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Release date October 211, 2021.

Techno / Industrial / Dark Ambient. New disc from the band most important to kultFRONT. The hronicle of a noisedive of the inner thermometer mercury column to the place, where it becomes all the same. Where actually everything gets smoother. Like ice on which you can dance madly, or accelerate and slide your whole body over its rough mirror. Horizontal movement at a constant speed, to look into the depth where white becomes black. To get up and walk stubbornly. To lose and not to find. To give and not receive. To live and freeze. Dancing.
The album contains compositions from three digital EPs from Ivan Napreenko and Konstantin Mezer, releases in 2015-2018 on NEN Records Bandcamp page.
In addition, the disc includes tracks from the cassette split of Sal Solaris and Zero View.

Like frost, fixating and killing everything that consists of water, "Through the Pole??" freezes into a crystal something that never appeared as a single piece of matter. A retrospective of several years of living, shown in an order devoid of linear logic. Like a dream, devoid of beginning and end. A dream to wake up from?
The edition is released as a CD with timing on the verge of flushing, hidden in a six-panel digipak, decorated with chains of neural connections.

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