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PISSOIR ROUGE - Asphyxia Apotheose LP

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Release of 2021.

Limited edition of 100 copies as YELLOW VINYL / Limited edition of 100 copies as RED VINYL.
180g heavy vinyl, 350gsm jacket, insert, black paperbag, poster A2 format.

Over the last years, Pissoir Rouge has established himself as Germany's best-known dirty little secret. The hard-working maniac from the the Eastern slums has created his very own brand of vile and hyper-aggressive blend of Power Electronics violence and Harsh Noise chaos, which may remind the attentive listener of mid 2000s Bizarre Uproar, the best Macronympha classics and sometimes even the founding feedback-driven crimes of early PE history. Still, Pissoir Rouge succeeds at always being unique and one of the most distinct personas of the oftentimes bleak nowadays Noise scene. The official debut album“Asphyxia Apotheose“ presents everything the project is known, loved (and hated) for. Mania, despair, supremacy, perfect timing and execution and most of all the shameless honesty of genuine sadomasochistic experiences, which offer at least a little solace in this meaningless world. Pissoir Rouge “Asphyxia Apotheose“ is not for everyone – yet not to be missed by anyone.

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