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Folk / Accoustic, comes as A5 digipack.
Released June 23, 2017

The album is released as an A5-Digi-CD + bonus DVD. The film and footage used in the videos, comes from a variety of walks and Radurlauben, which have accumulated over the last few years by "Fix". Here, the focus is exclusively on nature scenes and cultural monuments.
The Thuringian formation ODROERIR belong to the spearhead of German folk and pagan metal and, with their three longplayers so far, have developed a reputation as a profound and authentic band that also knows how to convince live. In the summer of 2017 comes, not as expected Gods songs III, but first a pure folklore and acoustic album, which has produced Fix single-handedly and in which many guest musicians were involved. On tour were ODROERIR u.a. 2006 with Eluveitie and then with Tyr, Black Messiah, Suidakra, XIV Dark Centuries, Gernot Hagen, Fimbulvet and Finsterforst. Not to forget numerous club concerts and festival appearances. The music of ODROERIR should be from the beginning a quieter version of the so-called Pagan Metal. The arrangements are therefore without speed attacks or double bass drums, but contain many acoustic guitars and multi-faceted vocal passages. A major influence for composer and band founder Fix were the Viking albums of Bathory. However, ODROERIR take a big step forward, as they also use a lot of string, plucked and wind instruments known from folklore. In terms of content, Fix deals with the multifaceted territory of Germanic and / or Celtic mythology, the early and pre-historic history of pagan Europe - that is the life, becoming and dying of our ancestors. In doing so, he avoids the often political and esoteric phrases of other genre bands and reflects on reinterpretations of the old legends and marches, or on rhyming treatises of demonstrable historical events. So musical history lessons can be so exciting!

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