LIE IN RUINS / PURGATORY - The Legion of Desolation MC


NOISECONCRETE x 3CHI5 - Worth Living Hunter MC

MSBR - 2005 MC

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Brands Steinklang Industries
Product Code: SKMC017
Availability: 1

Here for sale 3 unsealed copies - via shipping from factory jewel-cases were broken, so now broken ones are replaced and tapes available for purchases :)


Limited edition of 50 copies.

Comes as white shell tape with pro print, 3 panel j-card, clear jewel case. Normal bias tape.

(Molten Salt Breeder Reactor)
田野幸治 (Tano Kōji) 1961 - 2005
Rest in peace our friend ...

Munich-Maastricht Part 1
Munich-Maastricht Part 2
- originally was released for the Denzatsu Live Aktion 2005 -

Untitled (Live in Maastricht 03.02.2005)
- one of the last live concerts -

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