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MOON FAR AWAY - Lado World / Anti - Lado World (People vs Moon Far Away) 2CD

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Brands Shadowplay Release
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Release of 2005.

Recorded at Alliance Studio & Janvar Studio (Candle-Hall), 1995-1996, Archangelsk, Russia.
Mixed at Janvar Studio, Spring 1996.
Re-mastered 2005, Archangelsk
Lado World originally released by Exotica Records, 1997.
Manufactured as a Double standard Jewel case with transparent tray and eight-page booklet housed in cardboard slipcase.

This album is re-release of the debut CD of the cult Archangelsk ritual darkwave \ neo-folk band MOON FAR AWAY. Without any doubt we could say that from this album the development of the Russian gothic culture have started. And this album have demonstrated west the main point of the Russian gothic. We could compare "Lado World" with corner stone on which Russian dark scene was built. In spite of the fact that the upper floors of this building look more modern in some way, the basis is always the basis - "Lado World" was the beginning of everything. The privilege of the classic is that fact that we always get back to it.

In this album very different and at first sight incompatible durations, cultures and folk characters are combined. But all this is combined in very deep fundamental way. "Lado World" is one of the brightest example of the ritual tendency in the modern music. It's the hymn to the eternal run of the nature and it's reflection in human existence.

This Shadowplay release is not just reprint. This release includes two disks. The first one is new version of the "Lado World" album that was released in 1996 on the famous Russian label Exotica Records (remastering of the 2005 year was maid by Emily A. Saaen). The second one is called "anti-Lado World" and presents 17 (!) exclusive remixes and cover-versions of the Moon Far Away songs, that have done by very famous west and Russian musicians of the dark scene working in very different stylistic from neo-folk to experimental and goth-electro. We could just add that the staff of the members of this project will amaze you!

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