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Brands Eternity Records
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Release of 2021.
Re-issue of KLAGE's debut album "Dystopias Wiege" from 2006.

Even 15 years after its initial release this melancholic masterpiece not only remains immensely meaningful to us on a personal level, but also stood the test of time as a hardly rivaled spearhead on Germany's Depressive Black Metal territory. On a profound philosophical basis A. Nachtswehr here masterfully interweaves axioms that appear contradictive at first sight: repetitive and hallucinating soundscapes breathing lifeless beauty, harsh yet majestic, tormented yet epic, paralyzing yet inspirational - all this resulting in an experience so dark, desolate, raw and addictive.
Naturally, we'll present the album in its entire intensity - complete, with the correct tracklist (contrary to past editions) and featuring the original artwork.

4-panel digipak on uncoated card stock (rough), hand-numbered.

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