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JOWISZ / H.Ø.S.T - Ages of Determination CDR

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Release of 2019
Pro-printed CDR in jewel-case, lim.100

(Translated from spanish -
Jowisz and H.ø.s.t propose a shared work full of martial environments in direct association with slow melodies and looms of abstraction. "Ages of Determination" condenses the mournful essence of these two Polish projects.

Poland is a country in which the bands of industrial martial have good depth. Jowisz and H.ø.s.t are two projects that share tastes, style and influences, expressing them each in their own way.

In the case of Jowisz, the artist recreates soundscapes through the cut and paste of samples, paired with martial structures that are immersed in industrial dyes. The four proposals that this band encloses in the CD are resounding and dark. They are crossed by the essence of war, and in them blackened contexts that are illuminated with vocal notes are made. Jowisz is in favor of devising magnetic melodies of dark and decadent mood with which it is easy to be trapped and to get an idea of ​​what his discography hides. "All Rats Know The Dance Of Bayonets" can be one of the most appetizing offers of this repertoire.

For H.ø.s.t dark ambient is a much more referred to ingredient. Their titles, like those of Jowisz, invite the memory of periods and scenarios of warlike contexts. H.ø.s.t is in charge of setting them in a very personal way: he does not hesitate to draw an acoustic scenario where quietness and feelings of helplessness reign. "Wolfpack" is possibly the theme of this selection with which the artist manages to consecrate himself. In it, environmental and ethereal drone lines are shot, oscillating in a slow and sinuous exercise, forming a lugubrious acoustic material.

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