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INFESTATION - Second Souffle CD

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Brands Steinklang Industries
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300 copies limited digipak.

Five years in the making, the new INFESTATION album "Second Souffle" is now finally available on Steinklang records. After the debut album "Bastion Intouchable (2008)", the French-Canadian martial industrial attack is back! On this new release, violence is now at it's peak. Complex orchestral phrasing is mixed with devastating war drums and destructive vocals. "Second Souffle" is a unique martial industrial album, a paroxysm of affirmative cultural resistance. It's a firm statement against globalisation and the hypocrisy of multiculturalism. The album also explore the themes of sentimental nihilism and the duality of life and death. This is a must have for all fans of Von Thronstahl, Dernière Volonté, Triarii, In Slaughter Natives, Arditi or early Der Blutharsch.

Infestation is Louis Carrier.

Released December 7, 2013

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