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H.E.R.R. - Fire and Glass: A Norwood Tragedy CD EP

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Brands Cold Spring
Product Code: CSR74EP
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Release of 2007.

This brilliant new four-track EP from the Anglo-Dutch masters of Neoclassical music relates to the incredible story of the Crystal Palace, an architectural jewel in the heart of Victorian London and itself a tragic metaphor for the rise and fall of the British Empire. Recited alongside talented Dutch composer Michiel Spape's wonderful score, Troy Southgate - who was born and bred in the area - begins his tale with a beautiful description of the Palace in all its majestic glory, before moving on to a dramatic account which deals with its cataclysmic destruction in 1936 and, finally, a very moving and personal epilogue which elaborates upon the heartfelt sadness he feels for Upper Norwood's contemporary decline.
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