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FRANCESCO GIANNICO - L'immagine di Me, Lontano CD

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Release date September 23, 2023

Timeless sounds merge into a singular experience, giving birth to "L'Immagine di Me, Lontano," where timeless samples, devoid of memory, reimagined through the constant employment of granular synthesis, blend with echoes of distorted strings and distant pianos. Sounds excerpted from the sonic fabric of the world metamorphose into fragments of emotions, suspended between reality and imagination.
The recordings, rich with unknown atmospheres, unveil their deepest essence, revealing a hidden language that transcends human comprehension. This is an album made by drawing on multiple sound materials that were reworked and layered with extreme care over the course of a year and a half. The goal was to achieve a rich sound composed of multiple layers that maintained the dynamics and uniqueness of timbre of the various instruments and sounds used.
From time to time, the use of soundscapes came in handy, such as in the form of reworked recordings or transformed into actual instruments. But the particular use of reverb also created a fourth dimension, linking all the elements into a more organic production. The resulting acoustic image was meant to be a memory of my childhood. That's why sometimes you will hear harder, more melancholy tracks and sometimes freer, more out-of-the-box tracks. This exactly represents my current situation, that of a 43-year-old father with a midlife crisis, a bloody boomer basically :)

Limited edition of 200 copies in 6-panel digisleeve.

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