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DOR - Something Without Name CDR

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Brands Ufa Muzak
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7 tracks, 50 minutes, 6-panel cardboard sleeve with a postcard, lim.120
Power electronics
Released 2012

Entering the forbidden territories can turn into nothing but total change. Returning into habitual environment is a catastrophic experience, strongest shock of striking difference. Familiar things, people, feelings, dreams turn out to be covered with thin layer of rot and decay. Time of absence turned into "time" of instand death, past and future combined in a dead-end, hidden from the visible existence, and everted to destroy everything completely. If once you touch this hardly visible gray mirage, the objects and forms of living and non-living nature turn into cloud of ashes. That's exactly why there are only two ways: do not enter, or do not return. The second album of DOR presents the radical view of another world. This is not the complete oblivion of the present, but already highly intensive attention to those who stayed at this side. Hammering as pales for the construction of huge columbarium with thousands of non-existing names, philosophic shots, tracks of this album call in there. While listening to them one has to concentrate not to be carried away...

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