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DISSECTING TABLE - Intrinsically Pure CD

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2011 work of TSUJI's noise industrial unit "Dissecting Table", the first Vocalist of GUDON and a maverick of the Japanese noise world.
The world of different spaces that creates destruction and chaos every time a calculated and elaborate melody and rhythm collaboration is constructed will overwhelm the listener! !! And his roar, which had already been completed before the birth of Death Voice, destroys everything with overwhelming power similar to absolute volume and explosive sound, although it has something in common with them! !! This time, I dared to seal the roar to some extent, and the industrial number "Intrinsically Pure" that seems to express the chaos of the near future, the full noise distortion bass and the deep bass rhythm percussion, anger, sadness, hatred, doubt, Includes the screaming number "Still Alive" that TSUJI's VOCAL explodes as if it contained all the negative parts of human beings such as ugliness!
Recording time 71 minutes 16 seconds!

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