CYGNOSIC - The Key[s] 10"LP


DDR - Der Leipziger Sozialist LP

DARK AWAKE - The Spine of the World Serpent 7"EP

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Brands Corvus Records
Product Code: CRVS018V
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Release of 2018

Music-wise, this is a step away from the ordinary dark music of today.

The first track 'The Spine Of The World Serpent' has guest vocals by Lord Kaiaphas (ex-Ancient, Thokkian Vortex). Chaotic, haunting, almost alien vocals like angry curses filling the ritual / dark ambient / industrial / noise music that can raise the shadow / beast self in you!

The second track 'Fall Apart' is an exceptional Death In June cover song by Dark Awake, with female vocals. A release for strength and spiritual evolution. Good for your soul!

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