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Release of 2007, comes as digipak.

Under Seven Skies is the 3rd full-length of Dahlia's Tear which came alive on 12th of December, 2007. "Under Seven Skies" CD is obviously a different sound experience for the listeners. "Under Seven Skies" CD has characteristic dreamy-dark atmosphere enforced by new sound elements such as distorted guitar, noise- combined with dull occasionally drone frequencies, down tempo structures and in addition hypnotic pulsations of rhythm combine with twisting layers of cold vocal experiments.
With these seven tracks, "Under Seven Skies" brings a new approach to dark ambient music with extension of unique sound worlds layered by masterful narrative layout. Underneath the lush skin of melodic layers, the complexity combines with minimalistic music that shows up in the small details of overall architecture.
"Under Seven Skies" album is bringing an atmosphere between harsh and haunting feeling.

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