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CYCLOFILLYDEA - Ты Помнишь Мелодию Света? / Do You Remember the Melody of Light? CD

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Release of 2016. Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies in 4-panel digipak.

The long awaited full-length from the St. Petersburg-based post-industrial project Cyclofillydea! The album is dedicated to war in all its horror. Various destinies, names of fallen, nameless graves, heroes, traitors, those who want to forget and those who want to remember... Dipping its brush in this polyphony, war paints its canvas... The album features contributions from the well-known artists on neofolk- and post-industrial scene: Damiano Mercuri (Rose Rovine e Amanti), Gerhard Hallstatt (Allerseelen), Count Ash (Moon Far Away) and others. Lyrics in Russian, Italian and German languages

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