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C​.​L​.​I. - Eclipsis Vitae CD

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CD limited to 100 copies.
Comes as 6-panels matte laminated digipak, CD with pit-art.

C.L.I. (Cruel Life Inside) are an atmospheric/post-black metal band hailing from Calabria (South Italy). The band was formed in 2017 by Francesco Brisinda (guitars, programming), Angelo Pellicano (vocals) and Giando Sestito (bass).
“Eclipsis Vitae” represents the first full length from Cruel Life Inside, introduced by the first single “Loricum” (released in August 2019). The album describes an intense journey through dark times and emotions that everyone of us has experienced at least once in life, shifting from pain to rage, from suffering to hope. “Eclipsis Vitae” has a sub-theme dedicated to the Calabrian landscapes - rich of mountains, woods and lakes - and it’s intended to be a tribute to the mountainous plateau of Sila (located in the septentrional area of Calabria), a mystical place of peace and meditation. Sound-wise, the album reflects all these themes, shifting from melodic passages (accompanied by the clean vocals by Angelo Pellicano) to more furious moments with pummeling blast beats, capturing the true essence of the so-called “post-”black metal.

Recommended for fans of:
Woods of Desolation, Harakiri for the Sky, Katatonia (early).

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