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BLACKPHONE666 - Accumulation CD

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黒電話666 aka Kurodenwa666 aka Blackphone666 is a noise musician and visual artist from Nakano, Tokyo, Japan. He has been making noise using an old style Japanese black telephone and electronics since 2001.
CD EP in jewel-case, around 38 min.

Extrem e electronic music act/original harsh noise sound seeker from Tokyo, renowned for tons of gigs, "BLACKPHONE666" drops his long-awaited 1st official release.
"BLAZE" is started with nervy electronic sound, then, gradually torture your ears. "OXD" destroys your audible field with rough energy.
When you listen these 2 tracks, you must notice why worldwide listeners from various genre rocks out by his sound.
"BLACKPHONE666" is the leading act of relentless electronic music in the 21th century. The time has come when his "Accumulation" of pitch-black noise overflows from speakers around the world.
The remix tracks by ENA (Samurai Horo, KYOKA (raster-noton) are recorded as the bonus tracks only for CD.
These 2 impressive artists create edgy and dope re-construction of his blackphone noise, like no one else can do.The mastering is by noguchi taoru, who has worked with Nisennenmondai, Kukangendai, Atsuhiro Ito, etc, as the recording/mastering engineer.

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