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BLACK FRONT - The Forgotten CD

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Brands Corvus Records
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Release of 2014

known also as:
KARA CEPHE - Unutulanlar

Packed in nice designed in totalitarian style A5 booklet

The debut full-lenght is mastered by James Plotkin (O.L.D., Khanate, Jodis etc)

“The Forgotten,” sounds like the bastard child of a marriage between Killing Joke and early Pitch Shifter in the church of Laibach.

“The Forgotten”s power relies on its interplay between the elegant and the primal. The Gothic-Metal brilliance of “Do Not Forget” and the Death-Disco beats of the aptly titled “Death” are perfectly complimented by the ‘Big Black meets Gorefest’ attack of “Anatolia,” an agressive song with hateful lyrics focusing on socio-cultural hypocrisy in the middle-east. The Industrial tension and chilling rape screams of “Drought” (a song about religious violence) gives way to the dark heart of the album that is “Sky-Burial,” a bone-crunchingly heavy track about a specific funeral tradition. Religious violence theme shows its ugly face again in the Post-Punk meets Death Metal trance of “Land Of Executioners” and finally, we have the album closing epic “The Forgotten,” a 7-minute dirge that reaches an emotional climax complete with battle-cries, elegant keyboards, angelic female vocals and the rich baritone of Tanju Can.

“The Forgotten” is an eclectic album that sounds totally unique and out of place in nowadays music scene. It is partly nostalgic, since it sounds almost puritanical with its raw, minimal arrangements and old school drum machine beats, but also is very futuristic with its lyrical themes and overall atmosphere. It is Death Metal created by Martial Industrial freaks, Post-Punk played by some political assassins in-the-making.

Black Front are lone soldiers paving their own path in music. And with “The Forgotten,” they already recorded a debut worthy of being left as a final musical will.

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