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Release date October 1, 2022.

CD ltd. 200 copies in 6-panel digisleeve with overcover printed on glossy paper, and a small insert.

BI NOSTALGIA, aka Luca Rigato, along with with David E.H. formed the nucleus of ENDLESS NOSTALGIA, a cult band of the Italian electronic post-punk scene, active between 1982 and 1992.

Since 1985, BI NOSTALGIA also began tracing a solo path, alternating various projects with songs and pure instrumental works, exclusively released on cassette.

Between 2016 and 2018, the cassette recordings were reissued by Silentes/re-TLOTG, accompanied by the original graphics and bonus tracks. The latest album released in 2019 (available on CD) is "The King in Yellow," inspired by Richard Chambers' short stories.

While working on one of his releases, exactly during the recording of the cassette "ART is NOT Much" (TLOTG), BI NOSTALGIA asked FIORI CARONES ALBERTO a contribution for this four-handed collaboration. In 1988 ( seems like prehistory but that's how it was...), the only way to share a collaboration without meeting in person was to "physically send" a cassette by mail.

Alberto recorded and mailed to Luca a short piano piece which, once completed, was transferref onto a c12 Endless TDK Tape cassette. Using another similar cassette, BI NOSTALGIA recorded a second keyboard part with the addition of two loops. To finish the work he played the two cassettes in sync, finally mixing them on tape. He recorded one version for "ART is NOT Much," later allocating a second version as a bonus track on the "Cathedrals EP" cassette.

Today, with the aim of reviving the spirit of long-distance collaborations and with the help and support of Stefano Gentile, two artists selected by Luca, DEISON and FABIO ORSI, have been involved to reinterpret the original work with their sensitivity, adapting it to the sounds of the new millennium. In addition to the remastering of the two 1988 versions, BI NOSTALGIA conceived a deconstruction of the piece, linking some fragments in loops, creating an original adaptation.

The title of the piece has been freely inspired by Fleur Jaeggy's novel "The Water Statues" [Adelphi, 1980].

Le Statue d'Acqua (Original version 1988 - remastered 2022)
Le Statue d'Acqua (Reworked by Fabio Orsi)
Le Statue d'Acqua (Reworked by Deison)
Le Statue d'Acqua (Deconstruced Ghostly version 2022)
Le Statue d'Acqua (Remixed 2nd version 1988 - remastered 2022)

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