ATROCITY - To Be ... ... Or Not To Be LP


BILSKIRNIR - Hammerschlag (1996 - 2002) 3LP

AURAL EXILE - Empathy and Misanthropy LP

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Misereality Records, 2015.
Limited edition of 200 copies.
Post-Punk, Post-Metal, Neofolk, Goth Rock.

Aural Exile is a solo band of varying genres formed by Griimoiire in 2007. Chris Paul (who went on to form the post-punk band, Catholic Playground) played bass in the early lineup with several drummers under the project's original name, The Apparition. Griimoiire recorded the debut album, 'Attrition' in the autumn of 2010 with Vince Burke. It was produced by Griimoiire the following winter and privately distributed. For the next five years, many demo tapes were recorded using an analog 4-track recorder, but none have been released to the public thus far (only 'Dreadful Entrenchment' and 'Nightmare Everlasting' are available to listen to). In 2015, Aural Exile finished recording the sophomore release, 'Empathy And Misanthropy' at the now abandoned Abysmal Lair studio. It was released on vinyl in 2015. Now available in Europe finally.

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