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AMPLEXUS - Necessary Intercourses CD

AMPLEXUS - Melting Away - Fierce Detrunctation CD

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Brands Karo Productions
Product Code: PEJ 012
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Release of December 25, 2023.
CD comes in jewel-case.

Amplexus is Ecuadorian noise stalwart Leo Sabatto (Macronympha / Armenia). A raw, unforgiving barrage of harsh noise and heavy electronics, as one might expect from this well-known act.

Five heavy, lengthy tracks (ranging from 9 and a half to a challenging 16 and a half mins). Short shifts of harsh noise blasts disrupted by ear-splitting feedback blend together to form the basis of most of Amplexus' work though something is going on in the background that causes this project to pull away from the competition. Amplexus has been creating havoc since 2019.

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