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AL-NAMROOD / DARKESTRAH - Tajer Al Pundqia / Akyr Zaman CD

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Brands Shaytan Productions
Product Code: QAYAMAT-16
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Release of 2016. CD in jewel-case.

Akyr Zaman / Tajer Al Punqia by Al-Namrood, Darkestrah - split album of two well known Black Metal bands.
Utilizes humbabas hysterical and theatrical vocals with harsh Black Metal vocals and oriental instruments.

Darkestrah's contribution to the split is the grandiose and sprawling "Akyr Zaman". Clocking in around twelve and a half minutes, it should sound familiar to longtime followers of the band, as it was originally released on Embrace of Memory in 2005. Darkestrah re-recorded the track for this split, and despite how much I like the original, this reworking, featuring their most recent incarnation, shows a much more powerful and mature band.

Al Namrood's two tracks are parts one and two of "Tajer Al Punquia", The band's sound is a cluster of raw trem guitars, played with noticable Middle-Eastern melodies throughout, and blustery percussion.

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